Native American Indian Photographs

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fucking jehovah witness at the door/spilt the ashtray on the bed/lost the images I’d carefully selected from the file/she didn’t want to save my soul/thrust me a magazine instead/I looked like a hairy gorilla squeezed into my long johns/bare chested/weapon holstered in the elastic waistband/I never know if its the retarded boy from downstairs/banging on his pots and pans/or someone at the door/a criminal or a preacher/so I’m always armed/but who arms a mongoloid with things to bang and make noise anyway?/I guess because sometimes he just bangs the walls/is that the only alternative/why are jehovahs witnesses never hot?/do they keep them hidden in their dreary churches?/I could do with a mid morning rub & tug and wouldnt mind if she preached whilst she did it/just as long as she used some hand cream or store bought lubrication/and tickled my chocolate box/the magazine was titled ‘what makes people do bad things?’/off the top of my head/I’d have to say that right now it would be the heavily veined erection/tenting the worn and bobbled crotch of my long johns.

these images are therefore a random selection from a library of 500 or so, as opposed to the perfect handpicked selection I lost/so blame the jehovahs witness/blame the retard in the flat bellow/blame tv/violent video games/rap music/fried food/penis envy/porn and the economy/just don’t blame me






cigarette butts




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  1. The Cowboy will tell us.

    17/11/2010 at 6:21 pm

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