Bikers: Colours & Sex

sons of anarchy is kind of like a grubby version of the wonder years; with jax’s soul searching monologues at the end of every episode comparable to kevin arnold’s own insightful and introspective realisations.

kevin and jax’s soliloquies both not only make me want to cave their faces in with my bare fists, but were also cringeworthy to the extent of making me actually ashamed of my species.

the question is,

‘is jax the hamlet of the metrosexual generation?’

the only reasons I’ve watched this show is because of the talents of Ron Perlman, Kim Coates and Bobby Munson. the rest of the show is really kind of lame and/or kind of silly; jax’s consistent childish and self indulgent philosophising, the biker pledge who looks like the cat from coldplay and the soap opera/rape my mum/evil supervillain taking over the town narrative.

as a huge fan of the shield and as having had a long standing interest in biker culture, sons of anarchy was a real disappointment, especially considering the intriguing subject matter, strong cast and the writer/producers previous project.

So, what should it have been like?



have been



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