Alvin Lustig – New Classics Bookjackets – Set of 36

Book jackets artwork from the design legend Alvin Lustig, for the New Classics series. This is the full series from a the New Classics section of the Alvin Lustig website, to view his incredible ads, identities, periodicals, architecture, interiors and more book jacket artwork click on the link bellow.

Alvin Lustig

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“Lustig’s solution of a book jacket problem was seldom a literary solution. He was no verbalizer; as a matter of fact, writing came hard to him. His method was to read a text and get the feel of the author’s creative drive, then to restate it in his own graphic terms. Naturally these reformulations were most successful when there was an identity of interest, but it was remarkable how far he could go on alien ground.

In discussions of values in art the positiveness of his assertions occasionally suggested egotism; he would submit himself to it fully and with humility.I have heard people speak of the “Lustig style” but no one of them has been able to tell me, in fifty words or five hundred, what it was. Because each time, with each new book, there was a new creation. The only repetitions were those imposed by the physical media.”

by James Laughlin, New Directions – Print Magazine, Oct/Nov 1956


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