Galen Rowell – Western China/Mountains of the Middle Kingdom

a year ago, we meandered through western china/ate dumplings and tsampa/with yaks milk and butter/and tea that tasted of old cheese/and rode horses in the mountains/and breathless up stairs from the altitude/tiny pool halls with broken cues/and snuggled under piles of blankets in ornate rooms all painted wood/and tattered prayer flags flapping in the wind on lonely temples/ and incense sticks thick as john holmes/and twice as long/sky burials we missed eating cucumber in dirt floor houses that smelt of firewood, colours grimy with soot/our hosts trying to arrange marriages with their daughters/and creaky cable cars through the misty rain/and tree tops/ feet hanging down from orange plastic seats/huddled on tiny chairs drinking steaming tea/and rain so soft/ tibetan prayer wheels and tiny villages with watch towers and fields of corn/ and fresh walnuts we smashed open with rocks/noodles in broth and bunches of dried chili hung in doorways/and shirt off cool beers and szechuan hot pots of red oil/sweating in the heat and murk of the whole place/mahjong clattering on fold out wooden tables/and through the chilled plates of strange foods and skewered organs





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Galen Avery Rowell (August 23, 1940 – August 11, 2002) was a noted wilderness photographer and climber. Born in Oakland California, he became a full-time photographer in 1972.


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