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Pakistan Circus/The Nonexistent/Argos and Mr. Frosty

By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.

Franz Kafka

and my parents never took me to the circus/or bought me a mr frosty/but I had buckaroo and operation/which is more than the ethiopian kids in live aid had/as they never knew it was christmas/ but I still wanted these things/and remember when everything you could every want in the world could be found in argos/board games/transformers/robots/lego/and its so cold today, even in bed/ I wish I could sleep a thousand years/and wake up as dust/and there was a kid who came to our school/with air max III/and other cool shit/and cable tv/and poisoned our minds/ to be hungry for things that existed outside the argos world/and we became devils/seduced with new things/and one night at camp we had a fight/and I beat him/but it was a pyric victory/because I still wanted to be him/ later on I heard he burnt his brain cells out on acid/much the same as me/but instead of becoming paranoid, bi-polar and manic like me,








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Native American Indian Photographs

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fucking jehovah witness at the door/spilt the ashtray on the bed/lost the images I’d carefully selected from the file/she didn’t want to save my soul/thrust me a magazine instead/I looked like a hairy gorilla squeezed into my long johns/bare chested/weapon holstered in the elastic waistband/I never know if its the retarded boy from downstairs/banging on his pots and pans/or someone at the door/a criminal or a preacher/so I’m always armed/but who arms a mongoloid with things to bang and make noise anyway?/I guess because sometimes he just bangs the walls/is that the only alternative/why are jehovahs witnesses never hot?/do they keep them hidden in their dreary churches?/I could do with a mid morning rub & tug and wouldnt mind if she preached whilst she did it/just as long as she used some hand cream or store bought lubrication/and tickled my chocolate box/the magazine was titled ‘what makes people do bad things?’/off the top of my head/I’d have to say that right now it would be the heavily veined erection/tenting the worn and bobbled crotch of my long johns.

these images are therefore a random selection from a library of 500 or so, as opposed to the perfect handpicked selection I lost/so blame the jehovahs witness/blame the retard in the flat bellow/blame tv/violent video games/rap music/fried food/penis envy/porn and the economy/just don’t blame me






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